Saturday, September 26, 2009

Green Chili and Knitting

It's Green Chili time back home in New Mexico. There are lots of farms selling their chili on corners throughout town. They roast them there and the air is full of the smell of roasted peppers. This is one of those regional things that I can't do with out. Seriously, I can't imagine not having green chili at least once or twice a week. Of course, I live in the Pacific Northwest now and green chili isn't available (canned green chili is crap and it's not hot). However, I have a great dad who will ship me chili. So, the green chili arrived yesterday and I spent today roasting it. The house smelled amazing. My nephew and I love the smell; however, Jeff called it "Burnt pepper smell." Anyway, I spent over four hours roasting chili today. This box was full at nine this morning
Here they are out of the broiler.

Anyway, the roasting provided me with the opportunity to knit, put the chilies in, knit two rounds, check on chilies, knit again, flip chilies, knit again, etc. It worked great. I got done with the first sleeve of my sweater.

I'm a little concerned about the sleeve being too tight but I think I can correct that when I block it. We'll see.
So, out of all of this I got my green chili addiction fixed as well as my knitting one.

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