Friday, February 24, 2012

Ughhh!! I Have a Boy Brain!

OMG!  Such a bad blogger am I!  Life just seems to have grabbed me and not allowed me any time to update my blog.  However, a few glasses of wine on a Friday night and my life has slowed down just a bit.  Of course, when I start to have time to reflect, I start to worry about my status as a true mo.
My first question this week is the actual spelling of "mo".  I have come across a few sites where "mo" is spelled "moe".  Hmmmm.....I think they are wrong.  My reasoning goes something like this..... "mo" comes from homosexual and the "mo" in homosexual does not contain the letter "e".  So, these other homos who spell it "moe" are less of a mo than me.  Any good mo knows their grammar and spelling.

 Knock up a few points for me!!!!!

On the down side, a few things happened this week to take a few homo points off my tally.

First, I came across a quiz this week called "What Sex is Your Brain."  It's actually a quiz based on real scientific tests and normed against male and female scores (basically not your stupid FaceBook quiz).  Anyone can take it, here is the link  Well, my brain said, "At last, a scientific test to prove that we are a true mo!"  So, there I sat for 20 minutes answering questions about feelings and spatial reasoning.  At the end of each section, the system reported your score.  I was super on target for all that feeling, mushy stuff.  Personally, I thought I was a shoe-in for an even brain possibly tending toward a girl brain.  I mean really, I'm a mo!  NOPE, I'm all boy.  Really, WTF, I knit, love opera and have poodles, on top of liking guys.  Am I ever going to get a break?  Well it appears not at this moment.

Second, (and to add icing to this cake) while at lunch with a colleague this week, I made some comment which prompted this response, "You are the most straight gay guy that I know."  OMG!  Just take the knife and drive it in deeper.  And to think, this guy calls me a friend.  Anyway, I turned to him and said, "Please, I knit."  I know, it's week but it's all I have at the moment.

Speaking of the moment, I have a few knitting things happening.  Here is my latest design.

I call it Acorn and Leaf Stole.  I gave a preview of this in my last post and this is the final product.  It's pretty intense for lace.  Lots of yarn overs and on both sides of the work plus purling two together through the back loop.  Ack!  However, the finished product is really pretty.  Knit Picks likes it too.  They sent me some yarn to do a version for them.  It's taking me forever, mostly because I'm so damned busy; however, it's more than halfway complete.  Only a few more weeks to go!