Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Little Miracles

Well, the latest gay discrimination incident with my employer seems to be working itself to some form of resolution.  To avoid all of the of the nasty details, I'll just summarize and say that the remedy is just a step in the right direction.  My school district really needs to do a lot more work around GLBT issues.

The whole situation made me very depressed and on Wednesday I started my day with my internal committee in full session.   Most of the questions coming out of their meeting were of the "Why do I still teach?" genera.  Well, the universe has many unique ways of answering questions.

During my plan time, I happened to pass the tap studio and I poked my head in.  The class was filled with sixth graders who were, being sixth graders, complaining about how hard tap dancing is.  Not being able to keep my mouth shut, I told them that they were a bunch of whiners.  They responded with "You can't do this."  Well, never wanting to turn down a challenge, I ran to my room, got my tap shoes and headed back to the tap studio.  The look of terror on their faces, as I put on my tap shoes, was priceless.  I jumped right into the lesson with them.  We had the BEST F'n time.  They were truly my little miracles.  Even though I can get bogged down in all the crap from the District, parents and coworkers, it doesn't take much from my students to make me happy again.  I plan to attend tap class with these guys whenever I can.

On the home front, we had a great dinner party last night.  I made sever courses paired with wine.  My hangover can attest to the party's success.

On family front, my mother's health is good; however, my stepfather's dementia is worse.  Mom says that he is angry all the time.  I feel that I will need to take a trip to Houston very soon to take care of things for her.  Max is at the point where he is no help to her.  It's really sad to see him in this state.  I'm worried about her often, stuck in the house with him and no one there to help her or to give her a break.

Well, enough for now.  Time to get some knitting in.

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