Thursday, February 14, 2013

OMG! I'm Published!!

I'm pretty excited today for two wonderful reasons.  The first is that I'm getting over my third in a series of illnesses loving bestowed upon me by my seventh graders.  The second is that.......

I'm Published....In an actual book!!!!  Yesterday, Knit Picks released their first collection of knitting patterns in print and I have a pattern in it!  I know that many of you knitters out there have had your stuff published but this is my first and I'm pretty darned tickled.

The book is titled First Light: Spring 2013 Pattern Collection.

My contribution is the Alainnde Stole.
Here are a few pictures from the book. 
The Àlainnde Stole is a beautiful combination of two different lace styles – Shetland and Estonian. A cat’s paw framed by mock cables is incorporated into the border of the stole and is a nod to a Shetland lace pattern. The center panel looks to an Estonian lace pattern and is reminiscent of intricate latticework crowned by a beautiful spider stitch. 

This is a really nice pattern for the novice lace knitter.  The spider stitch and mock cables are just a series of knitting and yarn overs done in the same stitch several times.  On the wrong side, you just purl everything except the occasional double yarn overs.  When you get to them, just purl into the first and knit into the second.


  1. Wonderful Geoff. I'm impressed. Congratulations - and such a lovely pattern and color choice on the stole.

  2. beautiful pattern. When will the book be out for purchase?