Friday, June 25, 2010

The Next Chapter in Spinning

Well, the first week of summer has been somewhat relaxing.  I started an art class.  It's the first in the basic design series.  I figured since I teach at an art school, it was about time I learned what the kids were there for.  Anyway, the first two classes were fun.

On the fiber front, I finally spun up the yarn that I processed from one of my fleeces.  Here it is in all of its glory.  I'm a bit disappointed in the finished product.  I feel that the yarn is too inconsistent in its width.  It's not bad but I was hoping for a nice worsted weight all the way through.  It just means more practice on my part.

I also spent today dyeing roving for the first time.  I used Koolaid and I had a blast.  However, my hands smell a bit like grape drink.  I intend to card it into this grey fleece that I have and see how it spins up.

I'm off to New Orleans, city of my birth, for and NEA conference.  I lucked out and got first class going and coming back.  Since it's about a five hour flight, I'll be able to drink and knit to my heart's content.

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  1. The knitting group from work had a yarn dyeing party last month. I didn't know that Kool Aid and wool went together. The yarn I dyed smells fruity :-)